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Answers to Our Frequently Asked Questions.

Why do standard hot tub covers get waterlogged?

As time passes, the standard polypropylene vapor barriers enveloping the foam panels break down from the immense volume of chlorinated water vapor. As the water vapor condenses into liquid inside the foam, it’s now trapped inside the foam and becomes impossible to remove.

How does the Sattori UnderCover prevent waterlogging?

The UnderCover prevents the heavy hot tub cover by two means. Hot water vapor is kept completely separate from the hot tub cover on top. Without constant chemical errosion and saturation of water from the tub, waterlogging is prevented.

What can I do if I tear my UnderCover?

We suggest, in this case, you follow this link. You can use a repair kit for an inflatable boat, these can be found at most outdoor stores.

You’ll want to fully dry out vinyl area before attempting a repair.

What kind of warranty comes with the cover?

The Sattori UnderCover is guaranteed for a period of 3 years against any manufacturers defects.